Little 15 (driveheraway) wrote in shcpeople,
Little 15

Scholars Day.

I gave a tour today (was supposed to last 15 minutes but actually lasted 45 ... oops) and afterwards a girl started asking me how good her chances of getting in were and whether her SAT scores were good enough. On the tour, also, the mother of one of the students asked lots of these questions. ("What were your SAT scores? Are his good enough? How about his GPA, is it high enough?") These people had really good stats, but they were still very worried about getting in. It just amazed me how competitive people thought the program was. And in general, some of them were worried about getting into University Park ... these were people with SAT scores above 1400 and GPAs above a 4.0, people who I think could very well get into the SHC if they write good essays, and they were worried about getting into main campus. It just shocked me.

Also, it made me glad that I'm done applying to colleges, at least for a while. I wonder if I was this nervous last year and realize that I was probably a whole lot more nervous about things that I didn't need to be nervous about at all. Hindsight is a lovely thing...

'Kay. My random thoughts for tonight are done.
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