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New Community [10 Jan 2006|12:02am]

Come join us at


for enlightening discussion about ... SEX!

Community description:
We are a community of Penn State students (graduate and undergraduate), professors, administration, and people of the surrounding town of State College interested in expressing and sharing our individual sexualities. This is a forum for residents of State College to express themselves sexually through stories, pictures, poems, artwork, etc; where we can recount our latest steamy romps between the sheets, or seek advice about how to make our sexual endeavors more pleasurable; and where we can meet people with similar sexual fantasies and fetishes for those of us who are too busy or too shy to seek out partners who will satisfactorily fulfill all of our inner desires.
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220 Printer Pages is why I joined SHC [07 Jan 2006|03:13pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Is anyone else getting charged for going over the traditional "110 page limit" for computer labs? 

Sub-question: Anyone know who to call about this, SHC or ITS?

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PC Wants You! [30 Aug 2005|07:16pm]

Looking for a little more literature in your life?

Problem Child, Penn State's alternative literary magazine, is seeking new staff members! Our first meeting is tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 9:30 in the Grandfather Clock Lounge on the first floor of Atherton Hall. If you can't get in, we'll be checking the doors facing the White Building around 9:25 to let those without card access in for the meeting. At the meetings, we read and review submissions for publication at the end of the semester. If you're interested, please come check us out. We' d love to have you on our staff.

Also, we're always on the lookout for submissions, so if you have any poetry and prose under 1,000 words, black-and-white photography, drawings, and any other reproducible literary or visual art just lying around... send it our way via problemchild@psu.edu.

Full submission guidelines and club info can be found on our site: http://www.clubs.psu.edu/up/problemchild/submit.html.

Hope to hear from you soon.
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[03 Aug 2005|10:49am]

Good morning, Schreyer people. Welcome to August. I'm Matt, an incoming freshman.

I have a question regarding Simmons housing that hopefully some of the non-freshmen can answer. I will be in Simmons 445 in the fall semester. In all of the PSU housing information, it says that Simmons has two different sizes of rooms; regular and "small," somthing that looks like it used to be a single.

Does anyone have any idea how these rooms are interspersed throughout the building? Is 445 a "regular room"? Is Penn State lying to me?

Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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Dean Achterberg leaving PSU [10 Jun 2005|12:02pm]

University Park, Pa. -- Cheryl Achterberg, dean of the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State, has been appointed the first dean of the new College of Human Sciences at Iowa State University.

As the founding dean of the College of Human Sciences, Achterberg's charge will be to bring together programs formerly housed in the colleges of Education and Family and Consumer Sciences. She will begin her post at Iowa State on Sept. 1. 

"Cheryl was hired in 1998 to take a wonderful gift from William and Joan Schreyer and transform that gift into an unparalleled honors education program," said Penn State President Graham Spanier. "The Schreyer Honors College now stands as a national leader, thanks to Cheryl's wonderful leadership. We wish her well at Iowa State."

A search for Achterberg's replacement will begin in the next few weeks. [Full article...]
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SHC 2009 [10 Mar 2005|02:58pm]

Just found this community. I recently got accepted to SHC for the entering class of 2009, and I will be coming. Big question... Atherton or Simmons?
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Honors art history classes. [05 Nov 2004|01:28pm]
On the off-chance that anyone has ever taken any, what are honors art history classes like? I'm thinking of 112 in particular ... is it a lot of memorization, or more discussion/essay-based sorts of things? I want to get a broad overview of art (because I feel like that's lacking in my education), but I'm worried about all the memorization I might have to do ... I am in 111 right now (non-honors) and there is not that much memorization, but I hear that's unique. So, input? Anyone?
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Massive amounts of liberalness, part two. [23 Oct 2004|11:16pm]
Did any of you see Michael Moore? What did you think?
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Fun fall things. [19 Oct 2004|10:20pm]
Apparently the people of the SHC student council have never heard of livejournal. I was a little shocked. So, I am posting this message for them:

There is a hayride this Thursday, October 21, at 7:30. You can get tickets for $8 before the event or for $10 the day of. You can also contact Deanne DeCrescenzo for more information.
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Massive amounts of liberalness. [15 Oct 2004|09:14pm]
I want a Howard Dean ticket and a Michael Moore ticket. Where can I get them?

Also, does anyone out there want to go with me? Otherwise I'll end up going by myself, and that's never as much fun as going with people.
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Fall break. [14 Oct 2004|06:04pm]
Where are you going? What are you doing?

Me? I'm going to the library and doing homework and researching projects because I am a huge dork.

Also, it amuses me that one day off is called a break.
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We need your words, we need your pictures. [13 Oct 2004|01:48am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello, honors college!

I'm posting to tell you about a wonderful group that meets in your very own Atherton Hall. Problem Child is Penn State's alternative literary magazine, and we're desperately seeking submissions. We accept any and all poetry, prose, diary entries (especially your sister's), thesis proposals, and any other written piece under 1,000 words.

We've got you artsy types covered as well, we also accept any photographs or paintings, pictures, etc that is reproducible in black and white.

Just send it all along with a cover letter to problemchild@psu.edu (please note that it's a PC Submission in the subject of the email).

Deadline is November 8, but don't wait for it to pass you by. We're already over halfway through the submission period. You can check out the full submission details here.

You're also welcome to join our staff at any time. We meet Wednesday nights at 9:30 in the Grandfather Clock Lounge.

Rock on.

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Scholars Day. [04 Oct 2004|09:16pm]
I gave a tour today (was supposed to last 15 minutes but actually lasted 45 ... oops) and afterwards a girl started asking me how good her chances of getting in were and whether her SAT scores were good enough. On the tour, also, the mother of one of the students asked lots of these questions. ("What were your SAT scores? Are his good enough? How about his GPA, is it high enough?") These people had really good stats, but they were still very worried about getting in. It just amazed me how competitive people thought the program was. And in general, some of them were worried about getting into University Park ... these were people with SAT scores above 1400 and GPAs above a 4.0, people who I think could very well get into the SHC if they write good essays, and they were worried about getting into main campus. It just shocked me.

Also, it made me glad that I'm done applying to colleges, at least for a while. I wonder if I was this nervous last year and realize that I was probably a whole lot more nervous about things that I didn't need to be nervous about at all. Hindsight is a lovely thing...

'Kay. My random thoughts for tonight are done.
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Hi. [01 Oct 2004|05:11pm]
'Tis quiet here. How is everyone?
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Minors. [12 Sep 2004|06:54pm]
Does anyone (like grad schools and potential employers, not like friends) actually care what you minor in? Is it important in any way? Or does it not actually matter?

Context: I'm majoring in psych, planning to apply to social psych programs after undergrad and then work in academia for the rest of my life (Professor Larisa ... I like that). And a few days ago I had this thought that I should minor in philosophy just for fun.
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Lonely lonely Larisa. [09 Sep 2004|10:15pm]
Look at me ... I can alliterate! And yes, alliterate is a verb.

In a fit of loneliness tonight, I thought it might be nice for some of us to meet each other in real life. Maybe dinner some night? What do you think?
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? [09 Sep 2004|02:50pm]
question... is chem lab 6:30 to 10:35 on a tuesday night really that bad?  my only other option would be monday afternoon, but that would make almost 7 hours of classes... in a row.

any thoughts?
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[09 Sep 2004|12:21pm]

Hello, SHC people.

Spring Schedule:

SPAN 100 Sect. 003
ENGL 050 Sect. 006
CMLIT 100H Sect. 001
BB H 146 Sect. 001
THEA 102 Sect. 006

(Subject to change...)
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A call for poets, authors, visual artists... [08 Sep 2004|08:20pm]
I am here to encourage (yes, I'm stealing that word from the poster below me) y'all to submit your work to Problem Child, PSU's literary magazine. The deadline for fall 2004 is November 9 and you can find more information here.
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[07 Sep 2004|08:46pm]

Just want to encourage everyone to join the PSU Facebook. It's a great way to see who's around. www.thefacebook.com
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